The Georgia Egg Association has been a statewide trade organization for some 39 years, whose membership included those involved with egg production, hatcheries, further processing and the allied industry.  The Association was organized in 1955 to encourage the maintenance of high quality eggs, to promote legislation beneficial to all Georgia egg producers and to protect against unscrupulous and fraudulent trade practices.  The program ended in 2014.

*Booker Named to Head Association


            Brent Booker, CEO of Country Charm Eggs in Gillsville, has been named as the president of the Georgia Egg Association for 2013-2014.  The election came during the group’s 52nd annual meeting, held June 19- 21, 2013 at the King and Prince Beach and Golf Resort on St. Simons Island, Georgia.

            Dennis Hughes, of United Egg Marketers of Blackshear, GA was elected to serve as the first vice president (pictured at left).  President Booker is congratulated by out-going president Danny Beckham, who was elected second vice-president.  Gijs Schimmel (at right) will continue as treasurer.      


EGG FACTS - 2014

How many table egg layers are there in the United States?

Approximately 281 million.

How many chickens are there in Georgia laying eggs for our breakfasts?

About 9-million !  Valued at approximately $290 million annually.

How many eggs will they lay every day?

A hen lays an egg about every 26 hours, and she will lay approximately 220 per year.
If you multiply that number by the number of birds, that=s about 2-billion eggs per year!

I’ve always heard that it’s hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk!  How hot is that?

Well, the concrete would have to about 300 degrees F., so I don=t think we=d better count
on the sidewalk to be our stove!

What if you tried to catch a chicken.  About how fast could she run?

A hen can run about 15 mph...or maybe faster...depending on what’s chasing her!